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Smart Living - embracing innovations that help you live smarter, happier, and healthier.


Oregon Scientific was founded in 1989 in Portland, Oregon, USA, a city that prides itself on balancing the amenities of modern urban living with a healthy respect for nature and the outdoors. In this uniquely forward-thinking city, Oregon Scientific nurtured the concept of "Smart Living".

At Oregon Scientific, we believe the key to improving life is not working harder but living smarter.

Oregon Scientific's products are made with innovation, passion, and precision, to bring a fresh perspective and a creative way of meeting people's needs. Each of our products blends high-end technology with aesthetic design and an appreciation of nature.

When you purchase an Oregon Scientific product, you empower your lifestyle with smart ideas that help you maximize your potential each day.

Oregon Scientific is backed by IDT International Limited, one of the world's leading electronics manufacturers, with public listing in Hong Kong. IDT's vertically integrated FDA-approved factory, industry-proven product design and development power, together with excellent sourcing and distribution ability, helps us thrive throughout the world.

We strive to introduce the "Smart Living" mindset to more customers through a global network of 14 marketing and distribution offices. Our products improve the way people live in 35 major countries around the globe.


1989   IDT acquired 50% of Oregon Scientific in the United States, who has been IDT technology partner
1993   Oregon Scientific was first launched in Europe
1997   IDT acquired 100% of Oregon Scientific and set up the 10th marketing and distribution office in Europe
1998   Oregon Scientific Global Distribution Ltd was established with its headquarters in Hong Kong  
2000   The first concept stores were opened in Milan and Rome  
2003   The first concept store was opened in Hong Kong  
2004   A new logo design was adopted


Come discover the essence of Smart Living, Oregon Scientific’s fundamental philosophy, in our corporate video.