Update Notice for SmartGlobe™ App

Dear Smart Globe Customers,

Thank you for purchasing our Smart Globe products and we hope that you have enjoyed playing the Globe with your kids.

SmartGlobe is integrated with the most advanced 3D AR Technology and OID Optical Point Reading Technology to present interactive learning at its fullest extent.

AR interaction is a never-ending source of fascination, providing endless updates. Guess what’s next? Innovations, World Famous Persons, or Inventors? Recently we have made some enhancements in the software, in order to continue getting the regular content updates, we recommend you to delete the existing APP and download the latest version.

See link below:


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service center in your country: http://global.oregonscientific.com/customerSupport.php#customer-service-contacts

It is our goal to continue retaining you as a satisfied customer and will hope to serve you again in the future. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further service. Thank you again for your business.

Yours sincerely,

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Team


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About Us

Our Brand
Oregon Scientific. The global brand of lifestyle consumer products.

Oregon Scientific was founded in 1989 in Portland,Oregon,USA,a blissful place buzzing with ideas and inventions. Complimenting this exciting atmosphere was a beautiful and vibrant backdrop of nature. It was from this unique balance that Oregon Scientific has nurtured the concept of “SMART LIVING”.

Oregon Scientific is backed by IDT International Limited,one of the world's leading electronics manufacturers.From time to time,our innovative in-house design and product development teams work seamlessly to achieve technological innovation and design excellence.Each product we create implies vital value to human life.

With the support of a strategic marketing team,Oregon Scientific successfully spread our products with beneficial“SMART LIVING”concept worldwide. Nowadays,we have become one of the world-renowned brands that continues to produce cutting-edge lifestyle consumer electronics and gadgets to enhance people's daily life.


Company History & Milestones
1977   IDT was established
1988   IDT was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange
1989   IDT acquired 50% of Oregon Scientific in United States, who has been IDT technology partner
1993   Oregon Scientific was first launched in Europe
1997   IDT acquired 100% of Oregon Scientific and set up the 10th marketing and distribution office in Europe
1998   Oregon Scientific Global Distribution Ltd was established with its headquarters in Hong Kong  
2000   The first concept stores were opened in Milan and Rome  
2003   The first concept store was opened in Hong Kong  
2004   A new logo design was adopted
2007   IDT 30th anniversary
2015   Sanpower Group, a modern conglomerate with total assets of USD13billion owned majority share of IDT